Raised in New Smyrna Beach, Florida or what locals like to call NSB, Xavier grew up with the world famous Mosquito Lagoon in his backyard. He spent every moment he could on the water doing everything from world class sight fishing in the lagoon to fishing for trophy size tarpon off the beach and in the inlet. With all of this being a five minute walk from his house there was never a dull moment for the young angler. Growing up with such a diverse and plentiful fishery so close to home, Xavier knew he had to capitalize.

All of his weekends and even weekdays were spent learning the local waters, recording every detail into his fishing logs. He studied the movements of heavily sought after gamefish taking note of time, tide, temperature, season and even lunar phase. With all of this knowledge he realized the key to consistently catching trophy fish is as much in the science as it is in the act.

Xavier is also a big scuba diving enthusiast, by the age of 14 he was a certified diver. By age 19 he was working as an underwater videographer for a network television show. The young captain loves to fish but has always enjoyed diving as well. He believes that seeing how fish actually behave from below the surface gives a better insight into how to fish for them. Xavier has spent countless hours underwater observing how different species of gamefish respond to certain baits, chum, and even artificial lures. The young captain loves to share his tips and tricks with clients so that you too may catch more fish!

Capt. X enjoys guiding everyone from amateur anglers and young children to experienced fly fishermen. He welcomes all skill levels and genuinely enjoys teaching the sport. Whatever your fishing desires are, Capt. X will make it his mission to ensure you have a memorable and exciting day on the water.

Captain Xavier Groenendyk